It is now common to see people outsourcing their essays to essay writing services in Nigeria. This is because the demand piled on the shoulders of students has made their schooling life tiresome.

It takes a lot of effort to combine classes with assignments, social life, and essays, the task can prove quite daunting. That is why they find means to relieve some academic burden off themselves. And opportunities have surfaced with the birth of these writing services.

Below are some reasons why students outsource their essays and assignments:

  1. To seek relevant help as there are deadlines to meet with limited time.
  2. Lack of good writing skill
  3. Laziness, but this can be ruled out to some extent as students are trying to beat deadlines or have serious deficits in their writing skills.

These writing services do not address one, but many of the reasons why students cannot write their essays.

If you seek the services of a writing service, not only will the cross of stress and deadlines be lifted upon you, but you will help get help in whatever kind of writing depending on the type of writing services contacted.

Besides, there will be an avenue to get help during proofreading and editing, together with proper referencing and citation. However, most of these writing services are unprofessional, unreliable with poor services. That is why there is a need to assess the best to help you get the result you aim for. AcadaEssay is one platform you can depend on for your essay writing services in Nigeria.


The kind of result you get is largely dependent on the kind of writing company you choose. The best writing company will not only aid with your essay but will also communicate with you regularly and write something original, for originality is key in every content.

If you want the best, perhaps you should consider the following:

Don’t go cheap

Do not always settle for any cheap writing service you can find. If you see a website that can offer cheap writing services within hours, you should take a step backward. Stay away from sites that offer almost free essays in a few hours. Those essays are bound to be plagiarized without any original quality content.

Know their writing style

While in college, a student gets to write many essays. Your essay type might not resonate with their writing style. For instance, if you are working on an expository essay, an argumentative essay writing service might not be the best fit for what you are sourcing for.

That is why it is important to check their writing style and see whether it aligns with your needs.

Open communication

Ensure that there is effective communication between you and your writing services as it aids in writing the essay. This is necessary to ascertain whether or not they can consider your needs in the writing. It also gives room for correction and feedback between clients and customer service.

If possible, ensure they have a 24-hours service as you wouldn’t want to entrust something crucial to someone without knowing what is going on nor can you track their progress or success.

Free revision

Does the company policy allow free revision with the client? Asides from the fact that you paid for their services, the one who did the work was them and not you. So, you will need as much help as you can as regards explaining the essay.

Check the testimonials from past clients and their feedback

If there is positive feedback from past clients, be sure to review them and ensure they match your needs. However, it is important to note that this can be fabricated, so it is necessary to combine this review and positive rating with other factors to get the best result.

Get a plagiarism report

To ensure work is original, the writing service company should provide a plagiarism report. You can also carry out your finding to corroborate their results.

Do they do dissertation writing services?

Dissertation writing requires expertise. A company that provides that kind of service means they have attained a level of competency and can be relied on when it comes to matters like essay writing services.

Now, it is easier to find a credible company amongst the lots and starts your outsourcing journey.
These writing companies do not in any way support cheating or laziness but were created as a means to ease off academic worries.

If there is ever a need to contact any of these companies, you might want to check out AcadaEssay for your writing services.