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“Customer,” “Client,” “User’, “You,” or “Yours” ascribe to You and/or any other individual making the Order to the Website at Your behest; “Company,” “We,” or “Our” allude to AcadaEssay; “Website” refers to HTTPS:// and any subdirectories; “Terms and Conditions,” or “Terms” pertains to these terms and conditions. “Product” refers to an original and unique paper, essay, or other written material or writing service that is prepared and delivered to the Customer in full compliance with his or her Order; “Order” refers to written material in the manner of a normal digital form that the Customer fills out and submits online to our Website.

  1. Any written products sold to the customer by AcadaEssay are sold and meant purely to inspire that client’s work by providing a model of research, writing, presentation, and organization of ideas. The customer should never present written products delivered to them by AcadaEssay to their institution, school, or any other establishments of education as if they were their work, in part or whole.
  2. Before placing an order for any service from AcadaEssay, the user agrees to carefully review the specific rules, regulatory requirements, and stipulations of their school or university overseeing the preparation and submission of academic writings, and to determine whether these stipulations allow the use of services like those provided by AcadaEssay.
  3. The AcadaEssay wishes to provide written content to the client in the form of a word document and PDF if needed and deliver a single copy of written materials by email or download.
  4. By submitting all written materials delivered to the client to plagiarism software checks and assessment by our Quality Control Team, AcadaEssay strives to maintain that all written contents delivered to the customer are plagiarism-free.
  5. AcadaEssay assures the user that the company does not own or have any affiliation with any essay data system or database.
  6. AcadaEssay ensures that any written content provided to the customer will never be re-sold, re-published, or re-distributed, for-profit or otherwise.
  7. The client commits to never infringe on AcadaEssay copyright on any written work delivered to them.
  8. The customer acknowledges and agrees that AcadaEssay has the right to refuse to keep preparing or selling any written content, in part or whole, that the agency believes is being used in breach of any of the terms and conditions indicated in this agreement. Furthermore, AcadaEssay. takes no responsibility or obligation for any breach in the terms contained in this document that are undiscovered and/or unauthorized.
  9. The customer understands that any usage of AcadaEssay products or services is made entirely of his or her own volition and free judgment. Furthermore, the customer accepts that AcadaEssay has no duty or liability for any choice of using our services or products that violates the client’s university, school, or other educational institution’s academic work requirements or provisions.
  10. Any perspective or statement stated by AcadaEssay or its staff on its website or somewhere else does not represent advice to the client about the appropriateness of his or her usage of our products or services; rather, these perspectives and expressions are ‘opinions.’
  11. The client agrees to double-check their written material to ensure that it meets the high grade for which they paid. If the client believes their work falls short of the requirements they demanded, they may ask that the work be rewritten, usually for free, to adhere to any required standards outlined by the client in their original requirement within 10 days (240 hours) of the delivery of that written material. The client acknowledges that adjustments will only be legitimate if made within 10 days (240 hours) of receiving their written material and that revisions asked after this time frame will not be done without additional payment at full price, and may be rejected entirely. The client understands that revisions requests that are not included in the initial order will not be fulfilled for free and that AcadaEssay may decline to do so outright.
  12. The client accepts that after an order has been paid for in full or in part, and work has commenced on it by AcadaEssay, the customer may not terminate it and that the customer is also obligated to pay any unpaid payments in full once work is underway.
  13. If the customer is happy that their school or institution allows them to use our services, they must also determine whether it is essential for them to acknowledge our services in their work. AcadaEssay provides no counsel to the customer on this matter and reserves the choice to the customer’s discretion. AcadaEssay refuses to take responsibility or accountability for the client’s choice in this area.
  14. AcadaEssay products and services are provided primarily for academic purposes and do not imply expert advice or include any professional specialization.
  15. The client understands that, while AcadaEssay makes every attempt to ensure the total accuracy of all information provided in its essays and dissertations, errors may arise from time to time for which AcadaEssay will not be held responsible. AcadaEssay may offer free revisions and/or rebates for such faults at its sole discretion.
  16. Plagiarism in any form is expressly and unequivocally condemned by AcadaEssay, its personnel, and all other individuals lawfully linked with the company. AcadaEssay reserves the right to turn down our service to anyone for whom we have proof of such acts being committed.

Anyone considering using an AcadaEssay service should review all of their university’s applicable rules and regulations to see if our services violate such rules and standards. If you consider that using our services is permissible under your university’s rules, you should double-check that you understand how they work. AcadaEssay does not offer advice over whether or not to engage our services, and we cannot be made responsible for such a choice.

The copyright for all research, goods, and services offered by AcadaEssay remains with AcadaEssay. Without the specific permission of the copyright holder, no content provided by AcadaEssay may be duplicated, redistributed, or published.

AcadaEssay, its personnel, and partners make no guarantees about the ultimate grade or mark for any essays or dissertations that we assist with. We also do not promise any particular level or degree certification as a result of using our essay writing service.

17.          Furthermore, AcadaEssay encourages all clients to utilize our services properly and following their institution or school’s rules for academic work. AcadaEssay forbids and opposes plagiarism in all of its forms, and will refuse to provide services to any client who is suspected of plagiarizing.